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By joining ABASP, the concessionaire now has the most complete and innovative electronic ticketing system in the country. Having the guarantee of:


  • Reduction of costs with the implantation and operation of the system;

  • Offer greater efficiency and mobility to passengers;

  • Ensures integration between public transport operated by ABASP members

  • Preservation of the tariff policy and inspection by the Granting Authority.


The new member will also be able to count on all thesecurity and transparency of the resources used to pay the operators and, also, with detailed information of the public transport under their responsibilityfor the construction of more efficient public policies, in addition to the possibility of maintaining or even reducing the amount of public tariffs charged due to the gradual reduction of costs with ticketing operators.


There are currently more than 40 (forty) concessionaires, public and private companies associated with ABASP, in the modalities of founding, special, adherent and participating members, of different modes of transport.

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