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Meet the TOP
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Abasp Electronic Ticketing System


It is QRCode ticket,
is Card.

+ 180 million
of QRCode tickets issued

+ 1.2 million
of TOP cards issued

+ 1.5 million
of registrations in the TOP App


+ 8,000
registered commercial establishments


How does the QR Code ticket work?

Purchase your QR Code ticket through the following sales channels:

canais de venda.png

Use the QR Code ticket on all rail transport lines in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, that is, on all Metro, CPTM and private initiative lines. To use it at the station, place your printed ticket or cell phone (with high brightness and clean screen) at the readers located above the locks.

How does the TOP card work?

You can request your card through the TOP App on your cell phone and receive it at your home or request it at one of the Casas Pernambucanas stores in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo. Once you have the card, you can recharge it through the following channels:


Use the TOP card on all rail and tire transport lines in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region, in addition to the municipalities of Arujá, Cotia, Rio Grande da Serra and Taboão da Serra. In addition, the TOP card entitles you to integration between the rails and buses of metropolitan transport. To use it at the station, simply place the card at the readers located at the station blocks or at the bus validators.

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