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Our story

AAssociation for the Support and Study of Ticketing and Collection in Public Passenger Transport Services in the State of São Paulo – ABASPis a non-profit association governed by private law, incorporated in October 2019.


Our main objective issupport, encourage and improve ticketing and collection activities in public transport services, whether in the subway system, on tires and other modes.


With initial operations in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region, today,we are able to expand our services to other regions and municipalities in the State of São Paulo.


We launch theTOP card,which consolidated our Electronic Ticketing System (SBE), unifying the ticketing and collection of our members. We also implemented, replacing the single magnetic ticket (Edmonson), the ticket in QRCode at the stations ofCPTMIt isSubway.


In addition to operations, ABASP's bylaws value carrying out studies and research, in order to provide acontinuous improvementin public passenger transport services.


Currently, ABASP is formed by the Concessionaires of Public Transport of Passengers of the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo – METRÔ, Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos – CPTM, in addition to the Concessionaires of Public Transport of Passengers of the Municipalities of Taboão da Serra, Rio Grande da Serra, Arujá and Cotia.

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